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Acrophobia: Work place safety | Accident Victims

Work places should be made safer for employees to work at heights. Precautions should be taken to avoid accidents and personal injuries caused at work place.

Five reasons why Galaxy S5 should be your next purchase

The Galaxy S5 is the brainchild of Samsung. With highly advanced technology all packed in one, this smartphone is the talk of the town.

3 Ways to Make Cheap Calls while Living in Abroad

Solved! Get to know the ways to make cheap international calls while living in abroad through various resources provided by internet Calling companies.

Want Free Texting? Why don’t you use internet on your Smartphone

VoIP Service is the most attractive option you need to choose. You can even make free international texts on regular days through your VoIP app.

Yello - Blog : Free Long Distance Calls: Is Your Smartphone Smart Enough to Do So?

People have successfully defeated the distance by communicating over oceans and miles. Technology has reshaped and now we can make even free calls to…

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